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Yes! MatiDesign works with kitchen & flooring installers, painters, plumbers, electricians, landscapers, roofers, custom storage installers, custom blinds and drapery, and even a Feng Shui master!
MatiDesign will work with whomever you provide, but can make no guarantees about the quality of their work.
MatiDesign has been working as an interior decorator since 1994, and a home stager since 2002.
MatiDesign is an interior decorator in London Ontario and the surrounding area.

Interior Decorating

MatiDesign aims to have your home completed within 4 weeks. There are exceptions, though, for larger homes, or homes which require more renovation.
MatiDesign’s style of decorating is designed to reflect the homeowners. So you won’t have to worry about living in a cookie-cutter house that looks the same as everyone else’s!
Yes, MatiDesign will work with you to create a space more appealing to the people in it, whether it’s a residential or commercial environment.

Home Staging

On average, once a home is staged it sells in around one week. But it often happens that the home sells the very next day! In fact, many homes staged by MatiDesign have ended up in a bidding war, selling for higher than the original asking price.
It’s all about curb appeal! Your potential buyers have seen the pictures online, they know the price, and they know the neighbourhood. If they arrive at a messy, disorganized home in disrepair, they won’t even bother coming inside.
It’s all about the lighting. Even if a home is gorgeous, without the proper lighting you won’t be able to show it off properly. The kitchen is also very important.
Before it’s listed. If you list your home before it has been staged, you’ll have dozens of potential buyers looking at it and moving on. If your home was staged, these people would likely have been more interested, but if your home isn’t staged you’ll end up losing those buyers. Make sure you leave enough time for any renovation work to be done as well.
Every home can benefit from staging. Whether your home is worth a hundred thousand or ten million, you’re not likely to get the best price for it unless you’ve had it staged.
Yes, absolutely! An empty home feels cold and distant, and without furniture people will have a hard time picturing how much space their own things will take up. They’ll start paying attention to oddly shaped rooms or a lack of detail in the home’s construction (boring floorboards, for example). This will create a negative impression.
A staging job can usually be done within a week. It’s faster than decorating because it’s less personal and there is more urgency in wanting your home to be sold.
Not much, actually. Some people like to be directly involved in the staging process, while others would rather take a back seat approach and let someone else take care of the heavy lifting. Either way, MatiDesign can accommodate your needs.


MatiDesign will bring you a wide range of different products from many different sources, including big box retailers, mom and pop shops, importer/exporters, antique dealers, and more.
Then you don’t buy it. It’s really that simple. MatiDesign will bring you a number of different options for your home. At no point are you obligated to buy any of them!
Yes, MatiDesign works with a number of professional artists who can create custom pieces for your home.
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