“I don’t feel comfortable at home”

“I spent money on renovating my house, and I still hate it”

“I wish my home was a place I could entertain, but it’s just too ugly”

Does this sound familiar? Are you unhappy with the current state of your home? If so, you’re not alone. You may not know what to do with the space you have in your home, and end up filling it with whatever you find. While this may be functional enough, it does little to bring out your home’s true beauty.

This can lead to clutter, frustration, and discomfort in your own home.

But you deserve more than that

Your home is the one place in this world where you should feel truly relaxed and at peace. After a long day, you deserve to come home to a place which reflects you as an individual and caters to your unique needs.

Accessorizing, light renovations like paint and flooring, and de-cluttering can make an enormous difference.

But how do you know what to choose? It seems like an endless number of options out there.

How can you be sure you’re spending your money intelligently, making your home look its absolute best possible within your budget?

Simple. Call Mati!

Living Room interior decor services in London Ontario | Mati Design | Interior Decorator

With over 20 years of experience as an interior decorator in London Ontario, Mati Edwards can help you enhance the natural beauty of your home in a way that is timeless, comfortable, and works for you and your family.

You’re a unique individual, and your home should reflect that.

Let Mati walk you through the process of making the best, most efficient use of your space. With the comfort and confidence that can only come from working with a professional, you can rest assured that your home will look its absolute best and you’ll look forward to coming home every day!

MatiDesign’s Services

interior design and decor in London | Mati Design | Living and Dining Room

Interior Decorating

Love your neighbourhood, but not your house? Mati can help you create a more comfortable, welcoming atmosphere you can feel proud to call home.

interior home design and decor in London | Mati Design | living room

Home Staging

Planning on moving? Don’t fall into the trap of selling your home for less than you know it’s worth. Click here to discover how.

interior designer decor in london | Mati Design | Den and Living Room

Shop-at-Home Service

Not sure what accessories to buy? Do you fall in love with something in the store, but hate it in your home? Mati can help.


See what previous clients of MatiDesign have to say!

Mati has an amazing flare for colour and design. She can look at a room and have an instant vision of how to make it a beautiful space! She has a professional work ethic and I am so happy with the colours she chose for my walls – it just made such a difference to my home and anyone that sees it is very impressed – even the painter!!
Barb Easton
Mati was a wonderful asset to us, assisting greatly to assure a successful move to our new home. She helped make good choices, melding new furniture/decorations with our existing pieces. Her knowledge of services and her ability to match them to our needs made a big difference. Mati was a pleasure to work with and went above and beyond, as well as checked with us often to assure deliveries and services were happening in a timely fashion. Her knowledge and expertise were invaluable.
Al & Jean Hebden
Working with Mati has been an exciting experience. Using our existing furniture and accessories with some new pieces of art and pillows, and the new paint colors that Mati suggested, we have made our house in to fresh, new and more up to date home.
Sandra & Jim McBride
Her advice to ‘de clutter’ and her ability to place and rearrange furniture made all the difference in the world. As a result, our home sold quickly and at the price that we wanted. She was a pleasure to work with and we would highly recommend her to anyone who is selling their home and would like to have it professionally staged
Anne Gautreau
We recommend Mati highly, and assure you that you can place yourself in her capable hands with confidence.
Kathy & Dick Warren
Your sense of style and understanding of our taste helped to create a home that not only showed well but was still comfortable to live in. We can’t wait to work with you on our new home. Thanks Mati!
Naomi & Derek Mazer
Mati’s great sense of humour and people skills made it a pleasure to work with her. We would highly recommend Mati Edwards for corporate design projects.
Rauchelle Gooden
Mati contacted the contractors required, set up the appointments and was there every step of the way while dealing with them. She gave us a home for entertaining and gathering with friends and family and we are thrilled with her work. Would I call her again ABSOLUTELY! I love it! I just love it!
Colene & Terry Buckborough
We are so enjoying the changes you helped us to achieve in our home. It now feels warm and inviting as well as a little brighter. You were able to come in, look around and discuss with us our lifestyle, our budget and what works best for us. Thanks again, Wishing you only the best.
Judith & Bruce Dow
My house looked wonderful and sold before the listing was even finalized…and for a very good price!
Cathy Willits
With such short notice you gave my client excellent advice and changed her home from a very average looking property to a beautifully staged and gracefully flowing, warm, comfortable home that anyone would be proud to own.
Paul Hanley
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