Life is busy and hectic for most of us. And that goes double for those who work in high-stress jobs and who also have a family to look after.

In this case, I was hired as an interior decorator (not a stager) by a husband and wife pair – she a medical doctor, and he a lawyer – and four kids too.

Talk about stress!

This lovely couple had so much to worry about during the day that they barely had time to catch their breath in their spare time, let alone think about redecorating their home. And that’s why they called me.

Before An Interior Decorator’s Touch

One room in particular caught my attention, and I wanted to share it here. It was a grand, lovely room, but because of their high-stress lifestyle, it had become a simple catch-all for the extra stuff they had lying around the house. Old toys and old furniture abounded, along with a dark, cold, boring, blank wall. This was not a place anyone wanted to spend their time, not even the kids – who at this point had outgrown most of the toys in there.

Interior Decorator To The Rescue! A Hectic Lifestyle, A Peaceful Home | a chaotic toy room | MatiDesign Interior Decorating And Home Staging London Ontario

This room needed an exorcism, a complete purge. We needed to start fresh.

After Some Interior Decorator Magic

One of the most exciting parts about this job was the fact that this family had gone away to Italy for three weeks while I worked on things. So they didn’t see the in-between parts, which can sometimes get a bit messy. They saw the before, they saw the after, but they didn’t see how I got there. It was like I’d waved a magic wand!

Sometimes when you decide to renovate an old building, you realize it’s actually so dated that you’re better off knocking the whole thing down and building a new one. I didn’t knock the house down, but I may as well have!

In short, I changed everything. The furniture – gone. The toys – gone. The wall colour – gone. I needed a blank slate to get this room looking good again. The only thing I left was the carpet.

And here’s how it turned out:

Interior Decorator To The Rescue! A Hectic Lifestyle, A Peaceful Home | a beautifully staged room | MatiDesign Interior Decorating And Home Staging London Ontario

Does that look like a bit more of an enjoyable space to spend your time? The homeowners thought so – they were absolutely thrilled with the results.

“I wish we’d done this before,” they told me. “I had no idea my home could look so good!”

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