So, I love my job.

Part of why it’s so much fun to be an interior decorator in London Ontario is because I never know who my clients are going to be.

Over the years, I’ve worked with people in just about every stage of life. I’ve worked with students, young couples starting their lives, well established families, and retired couples hoping to spruce things up.

Interior Decorating For Every Stage In Life

Recently, I received a phone call from what sounded like a jolly and friendly gentleman. I went out to meet with him and his lovely wife to have an initial consultation.

We had an immediate connection and it was clear that they felt comfortable with me and excited about hearing my suggestions.

They are well into their seventies and asked me to help them redesign some areas of the home to make sure they’ll be comfortable here for many years to come.

The wife has an illness which will continue to make her life more and more difficult resulting in a wheel chair at some point. That’s a unique challenge – making a home accessible, functional, and still beautiful.

So my team and I went to work.

After hearing all about their needs and desires I went immediately into decorator, project manager mode.  

The first step was to make appointments with all of my tradespeople to meet at the house and have them prepare a quote for their work.

The home owners and I went through all the options, picking out the counter tops, paint colours, lighting fixtures, flooring, etc. Then, they packed up and move in with their daughter for a month.

Jobs like this are so much fun. I really get to dig into something like this.

My trades and I got busy preparing their home to their specifications and then some. We cleared out the entire place to prepare for the floors, which were a gorgeous old oak covered by dated carpet.

Accessorizing, painting, new furniture, new counters, oh my!

The Big Reveal

an interior decor transformation | Mati Design | London Ontario Interior Decorator

This is the most gratifying part of my job. I feel like the host of one of those home makeover shows when they walk through the door.

Some of the furniture stayed, and some was new. We put everything back in place, and along with some accessories and new art to complement their more traditional pieces, everything was in place.

After a busy month of tearing the house apart and putting it back together again, the day finally arrived. It was time for them to return to their new home.

And they were more than ready. After a month away from home and living with family in someone else’s space, anybody would be.

They were thrilled with the changes and the results. We had exceeded beyond their expectations and wishes.

It’s such an honour and a joy for me to make such positive and wonderful changes in people’s homes and their lives. Each one is always a treat and an adventure. 

As a society we’re living longer, and retirement homes are just not as appealing as they once were. More and more people prefer to stay in their homes.

I was happy to have helped them create a safe space and a beautiful place to entertain and enjoy their retirement years in.

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