One of my favourite parts of being a home stager here in London Ontario is the amazing difference staging can make. Not only can it give a room a completely different feel, it can also help the homeowner make more money in selling it sooner and for more money.

As I like to say, the cost of a home stager is always less than your first price reduction.

When the agent for this home contacted me, it had been on the market for a couple of months already. Their previous agent was with them for a 60 day contract, and when it didn’t sell with him they decided to work with a different agent. Their new agent and I had worked together before – I stage all of her listings before they go on the market – so she brought me in for this one.

Home Staging Before & After – The Problem

Here’s what the ensuite bathroom looked like before I arrived.

Bathroom Interior Decorating: Home Staging Before & After | Pre-Staged Bathroom | MatiDesign Interior Decorating And Home Staging London Ontario

What do you think when you see that photo? What does that room make you feel?

Does it tell you a story? Does it seem warm and inviting?

No, it tells about as much of a story as a blank piece of paper – and that’s the problem. When people looked at this home, they couldn’t picture themselves living in it. They couldn’t imagine what life would be like here. It clearly has no appeal at all.

An ensuite bathroom needs to show romance, intimacy, intrigue, and dare I say… sex appeal? It needs to be a place people can envision themselves going to at the end of the day and relaxing, feeling completely at peace. It needs to be a sanctuary.

So I went to work.

Home Staging Before & After – The Solution

Bathroom Interior Decorating: Home Staging Before & After | Bathroom After Staging | MatiDesign Interior Decorating And Home Staging London Ontario

Can you spot the difference?

It’s not the wall colour, or the vanity, or the bathtub, or the tiles. All that stayed exactly the same.

It’s the accessories. The candles sitting in the tub, the fragrance sticks on the counter, the flowers, the artwork, even the towel strategically draped over the edge of the tub – it’s all there to tell a story. What woman wouldn’t want to relax in a luxurious bubble bath, candles burning ever so gently, as soothing fragrances grace her nose?

So What?

The second photo is obviously more inviting than the first, but so what? What does that mean? Why should you care, as a homeowner?

In this case, this home sold in just under a week. Staged homes usually sell more quickly, but because this house had been sitting on the market for a while its owners missed out on a lot of potential buyers. This is why it’s a good idea to stage a home before you put it on the market for sale.

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